Timothy Brantley, author of the Best Selling book "The Cure: Heal Your Body, Save Your Life"

Dr. Timothy Brantley Best Seller of “The Cure Heal Your Body Save Your Life” featured on Rachael Ray & Montel Williams

Upon rising, drink 8 ounces of the preparation mentioned … (bottled or structured water with a pinch of sea salt and a squeeze of organic lemon juice). Lemon is one of the only foods with the same kind of energy as the liver. The liver and the lemon contain what is called anionic (negatively charged ionic) energy, while most foods contain a cationic (positive charged ionic) energy. In this way, the anionic lemon helps to feed, support, and turn on the anionic liver while refueling it. In chemistry, it is the coming together of these two opposing forces that creates energy.

This makes structured water very efficient in its hydrating effect. If our cells are properly hydrated, they swell up, causing an anabolic healing reaction. This results in proper pH balance, increased fat burning capabilities, enhanced immunity against pathogens, and less free-radical damage. On the other hand, dehydrated cells encourage a catabolic state, which lends itself to increased inflammation, premature aging, and tissue degeneration.

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