Ron Garner, BEd, MSc, Diploma in Natural Health, is a health researcher, educator, author, and speaker.

Ron Garner, BEd, MSc, Diploma in Natural Health, is a health researcher, educator, author, and speaker.

The original source of structured water was God-made. It came to humankind in the form of rainwater and snowflakes and was nature’s most perfect hydrating gift. Unfortunately, over time, as the rainwater or snowflakes entered the increasingly toxic atmosphere, it lost its structure. This has had devastating effects on the human body. There are two types of water in the body. Intercellular fluid is found outside the cell, and intracellular fluid is found inside the cell.

But a very interesting development occurred in the sixth year after they began watering some of the plants and trees with structured water that was run through one of their primal source energy units, which they call Hexahedron999.10 The produce grew faster and virtually doubled in size! Further, they said that the taste of the produce was superb. Proof Is in the Produce There are many water invigoration devices on the market. All of them claim they impart more energy or health properties to water. But, how do we separate theory from proof, fact from fiction? That is the important question.

Excelex’s plants that were fed structured water grew so well compared to others given different water. The conclusion from these biophoton studies is that: the greater the number of highly-structured biophotons is in foods and water we consume, the greater is the amount of energy available to our bodies for its use. This brings clear understanding to Dr. Carey Reams’ quote at the beginning of chapter 12: “We don’t live off the food that we eat; we live off the energy in the food we eat.

Living, structured water. Green smoothies. Freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices. Alkaline ash forming foods—raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. (Except for peanuts and peanut butter which are difficult to digest, contain the least calcium, and are the most allergenic of the nuts.) Whole grains. Sprouted grains are easiest to digest. Acid-forming foods in moderation. (See appendices 1 to 4) Foods in compatible digestive combinations. Digestive enzymes, when eating cooked, processed, or irradiated foods. Digestive enzymes on an empty stomach to achieve therapeutic health gains.

We can utilize this knowledge to produce structured water that is alive, active, and high in energy. This is an example of the application of the Universal Love Energy that all organisms seek. Biophotons and Derivative Energy Devices It was suggested earlier that the quantity of biophotonic light does not necessarily equate to quality. Any electrical or magnetic energy device that is man-made is secondary to the primal energy; it is derived from it. Electricity, magnets, and electromagnets are derivative energy sources and, as yet, cannot duplicate original life force energy.

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